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I was trying to record a bit of Gershwin today while my voice is husky from this consumption I picked up. Sounded neat but I couldn't make it all the way through without wheezing so I'll try again tomorrow perhaps, if the Samhain frenzy allows.

For tonight it's lots of Theraflu and some dark British melodramatic period pieces. Netflix put up quite a few new ones.

Also, I'm bitchy about phone chargers right now. We have 4. One of them is worn out. That makes 3. Miah kept yelling at me to keep my phone charged, so I keep my charger down by my computer. This has been working really well for me, except for the times he STEALS MY CHARGER. So I end up having to run around looking for it. I asked him to please leave it where it is. When I said this, first he goes "OMG WE HAVE 4 CHARGERS". I pointed out we actually have 3. Then it was "WELL YOU JUST KEEP YOUR PHONE SITTING THERE ALL THE TIME, CHARGING." I'm honestly not even sure where that was going. I made this face: O.o He then started to explain that he has a charger that he puts in his computer bag so he can charge his phone at work, but he doesn't know where charger 3 went. I pointed out then that the solution is not to steal my charger, but to hunt for charger 3 and in the meantime, use the charger from his computer bag and bring it back and forth. Apparently this is unreasonable. Grrrrrr.
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